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what else do you do when I'm not looking?

Kaylee just turned on my computer. :) I was in the bedroom deciding on what to wear to work today when I heard the familiar start-up music. Came in here to check it out, and there's Kaylee...layin' on the desk batting at the mouse. *shakes head* That's a new trick.

Now, back to getting ready for work! Have a great day everybody!


It's funny...because it's true.

Who hasn't been here?

I don't really know who is worse, Kaylee of Jayne. Jayne will head-butt the door until it bumps open. He's even got it open with the hook-latch fastened!
Kaylee will lay down the length of the door and bat under it with her huge kitten paws. She tries SO hard to get the door open. Teh Cute. There is never an end to it!


Oh! Also...

Since this place is new I need your input! And suggestions for the Profile are VERY Welcome (begged for, even). Mostly for the Bio and Interests sections. I want folks to find us!
I've listed just a few Interests to get us started....but I know there are lots more.
I have three wonderful four-footed babies who share my home. (And several more "Neighborhood Cats" that I can't help but feed and pet and love)
I've loved cats since I was a little girl. Growing up in the country allowed me to have many pets as a kid. More cats that I could ever name and a few dogs along the way. When I got married I had to leave them behind (allergies and annoyance from the hubby) but now I traded back. :)

Left is Kaylee, she's the newest member of the family. She was one of the "Neighborhood Cats" until I came home one afternoon to find her with an injury to her inner eyelid. (Vet said she was probably in a fight.) I took her to the Vet, they did surgery on her eye, spayed her, and borded her for two weeks (While she was there she caught a cold. Couldn't let her come home and be around Casey) and now she's an inside-only kitty.
She has a habit of giving "love bites". She also has a habit of carrying things from room to room. Anything small enough for her to carry. It's too funny! And she has HUGE feet. Once she grows into those she will be ginormous! Seriously. ;)

And curled up to the right is Casey. She was Gramma's cat. We figure she's aproximately 22 years old. She was dropped at our house. Something that happened pretty often, and I had to try to keep every one! She's a sweetheart, but she is getting cranky in her old age. :) Mostly she sleeps. But every once in awhile, she will play like a kitten--as long as she thinks no one is watching! The old girl can't jump any more, but that doesn't stop her. Now she just climbs wherever she wants to be. The couch, the bed, my lap (yeouch!). She has a droopy tail and a LOUD purr, and I love her to bits.

I'll be back to let you meet my Jayne later.